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Low-Cost Digital Transformation for Manufacturing in the Philippines

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Drive business transformation across the services your provide to support data-driven innovation, customer expectations, and efficiency needs with digital transformation designed for humans.

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Low-Cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost Services ERP

Get better logistics for better services with affordable ERP

Run your services business better with our ERP Services. Know your leads and customers, set up subscription plans for your services, build rapport with regular customers using a loyalty program, manage and bill multiple projects, set up maintenance schedules and visits, and much more.

What’s in it for Service Providers?

  • Manage Customers
  • Campaigns
  • Subscription
  • Project Management
  • Help Desk
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Record Warranty Claims
  • Maintenance Visit and Schedule
  • Billing and Pricing
2021 Low-Cost Learning Management System Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost Services LMS

Personalized Learning for your Technical, Sales, Partner, and Client Training

Have a low-cost Learning Management System that can automate the process of training your sales and technical staff as well as your partners and clients.

What’s in it for Service Providers?

  • Employee Training Anytime & Anywhere
  • Training Progress Report
  • Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams Integration
  • Interactive Content
  • Automated Exam Proctor
Low-Cost Web Design and Development Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost B2B Digital Marketing
for Service Providers

Reach New Customers and Nourish Existing Ones

Get found by new customers at the right place at the right time, boost customer retention and earn repeat business from the same clients. Get low-cost digital marketing integrated with your overall operations.

Humans with Hooman in Services

Services Solutions 1

JCAVS' Customized ERP

Expanding their freight forwarding services with optimized processes and the digital tools to accompany it.

Services Solutions 2

NOTIP's Nautical Training LMS

Combining digital and physical experiences to continue providing MARINA accredited maritime training courses.

Services Solutions 3

Online Booking with PDB Sanitized Cleaning Services

Growing cleaning services company serving their customers better through online booking services.

Services Solutions 4

Ladder Life's Logo & Branding

New Zealand Mortage and Insurance Company Ladder Life refresh their brand identity to align with their fresh goals.

Combining Open-Source, Premium,
and Self-Built Digital Tools.

Hooman Design - Digital Experiences Built with Open Source Solutions
Hooman Processes - Design Thinking for Digital Experiences 2021

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We Discover Human Solutions

We help you beyond digital, we discover, design, develop, and dedicate human processes, workflows, and experiences for every step of your digital transformation.

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