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Low-Cost Digital Transformation for Manufacturing in the Philippines

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Our ecosystem of solutions and services designed for humans aim to help you drive revenue growth, operational efficiency, and digital transformation across your whole manufacturing value chain.

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Low-Cost Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost Manufacturing ERP

Total control over your production and take control of your business

Cloud manufacturing ERP Services that aim to simplify the production cycle, help track material consumption, exhibit capacity planning, handle subcontracting, and more!

What’s in it for Manufacturers?

  • Shop floor management
  • Subcontracting
  • Batched and Serialized Inventory
  • Capacity planning
  • UOM Conversion Factor
  • Stock Balance and Replenishment
  • Material Resource Planning (MRP)
2021 Low-Cost Learning Management System Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost Manufacturing LMS

Train your Team. From Shop Floor to Customer Service.

Have a low-cost Learning Management System that can automate the process of training your employees on the factory floor as well as those employees who interact with customers every day.

What’s in it for Manufacturers?

  • Employee Training Anytime & Anywhere
  • Training Progress Report
  • Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams Integration
  • Interactive Content
  • Automated Exam Proctor
Low-Cost Ecommerce Development Services in the Philippines

Low-Cost B2B Digital Marketing
for Manufacturers

Reach New Customers and Nourish Existing Ones

Get found by new customers at the right place at the right time, boost customer retention and earn repeat business from the same clients. Get low-cost digital marketing integrated with your overall operations.

Humans with Hooman in Manufacturing

Manufacturing Solutions 1

S3A's Manufacturing Optimization with MRP + ERP

Quality packaging brand optimizes printing and labelling business with digital transformation.

Manufacturing Solutions 2

Mega Global's Web and Search Experience

Designing and developing the country’s leading canned goods manufacturer’s online presence with a fresh new website optimized for the users and their search.

Manufacturing Solutions 3

Sleepwell Melatonin's SleepFinder Website

A new digital experience created for the no. 1 expert-trusted brand to help more people locate the nearest place to get the product.

Manufacturing Solutions 4

Merz Aesthetics Philippines' ERP

The global brand’s Philippine arm optimizes accounting, finance, and more to continue expanding in the country.

Combining Open-Source, Premium,
and Self-Built Digital Tools.

Hooman Design - Digital Experiences Built with Open Source Solutions
Hooman Processes - Design Thinking for Digital Experiences 2021

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We Discover Human Solutions

We help you beyond digital, we discover, design, develop, and dedicate human processes, workflows, and experiences for every step of your digital transformation.

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