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Learning Management System (LMS) 📚

Personalized learning platform 
for the price of one book.

Low-Cost Learning Management System Services in the Philippines

Learning Management System (LMS)

Personalized learning for the price of a book 📖

Get yours for as low as 400PHP per Student per Year!*

Personalized & Customized for You

Have complete ownership of your LMS. Get to choose the features you need for your learning and branding design.

Accessibility for Everyone

Have the functions you need whether for fully online, blended, self-paced, collaborative, or a combination of everything.


Flexible Design

Be able to Teach your own way, measure and track progress, and give recognition for learning easily.


Safe & Secure Learning

Features aligned with world-leading security and privacy compliance to let you have 100% focus on teaching and learning.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with other external platforms you use like Zoom, Google Suite, Office 365, and so much more.

Easily Create Interactive Content

Enhance engagement by being able to create your own content like interactive videos, presentations, games, quizzes, and more.


Your Own Learning Management System 📚

  • Complete ownership of your system
  • Full control of your privacy and data
  • Customize the appearance and branding
  • Customize functionality to meet your needs

Open for Everyone
(Learner, Teacher, Parents, Everyone)  👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

  • Inclusivity and Accessibility Features for ALL
  • Adheres to Accessibility Standard (WCAG 2.1) to
    build courses with full support for all learners
  • Multiple languages available and easily deployable
  • Supports all types of learning (Online, Blended,
    Self-paced, School Pupils, or even Corporate)

Flexible & Adaptable Learning 🎯

  • Support deep learning with group activities
  • Full-scale MOOC for thousands of learners
  • Learning Plans based on custom competencies and scales.
  • Allow learners and parents to view their grades.
  • Reward learning with your own badges and certificates

Easily Integrate with Other Platforms 🖇

  • Integrate with 3rd party apps like Zoom, Google Suite, Office365, and many more.
  • Import SCORM or AICC content packages
  • Customize to connect with your own self-built systems

Safe and Secure Teaching and Learning 🔑

  • Global standard security and privacy protocols and features
  • Meet local and global privacy legislation requirements
  • Customize your own LMS privacy policies
  • Proctor your exams and activities using your students’ webcam
  • Protect your content with safe exams and copyright tools

Easy DIY Interactive Content ✨

Have your own tool to create immersive and engaging content within your own LMS

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 1

Interactive Videos

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 2

Interactive Books

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 3

Virtual 360 Tours

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 4

Course Presentations

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 5

Speak the Words

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 6

Memory Games

and so much more

Ready for Any Size or Any Industry


Basic Education


Professional Learning


Review Center


Pre-Board / Pre-Bar


Client Training


Employee Training




Maritime Training





Manor Review Center LMS copy

Manor Review Center's Learning Management System

The country’s first Pharmaceutical Review Center with real-time online mockup exams and on-the-go learning experiences.

Low-cost LMS in the Philippines (400PHP/User/Yr) 7

ACCESS' LMS for the PH's First Online MCLE

The country’s first accredited online Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. Providing 24/7 On Demand Premium Courses.

Philippine College of Physicians LMS

Philippine College of Physicians LMS

Providing the PH’s group of world-class physicians with their own flexible and scalable LMS to adapt to their ever-evolving high standards.

Divine Wisdom Christian Altruism Academy K-12 LMS

Divine Wisdom Altruism Academy's Basic Education LMS

Thriving K-10 School shifts to a more interactive, efficient, and affordable LMS/SIS. Thriving more in these crazy times.

Arellano University of Law LMS for Bar Exam Review

Arellano Law's LMS for MCLE & Bar Review

One of the country’s leading Law schools assembles its own platform with us to elevate Bar Reviews for both seasoned and starting lawyers

Hooman LMS Plans

More options and more choices for your learning experiences

Starter 🤓
(Below 50 Active Users)
Active User Slots
For as low as ₱3000 / Company / Mo.
Basic Setup
(Configuration and Training)
Advanced Setup
(w/ Audit and Planning)
Add-on (Optional)
Basic Support
(Unlimitted Email Support)
Advanced Support
(Dedicated On-call Support)
Add-on (Optional)
Learning Design
Add-on (Optional)
Advanced Customization
Add-on (Optional)
Pro 🧐
Active User Slots
For as low as ₱400 / User / Yr.*
Basic Setup
(Configuration and Training)
Advanced Setup
(w/ Audit and Planning)
Add-on (Optional)
Basic Support
(Unlimitted Email Support)
Advanced Support
(Dedicated On-call Support)
Add-on (Optional)
Learning Design
Add-on (Optional)
Advanced Customization
Add-on (Optional)

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